Top 5 National Parks in South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the proud states of America that is enriched with many of adventure, historical and natural landscapes. It is amazing to explore all of these locations. Moreover, it is commendable that all these reserves are expertly preserved by the government in the shape of National parks in South Dakota. Here we have the list of top 5 National Parks in South Dakota that worth’s you visit.

Badlands National Park

To witness the amazing landscapes of ancient deposits of sediments and minerals for about 500,000 years this is the ultimate place. Here you get the exceptional natural beauty that attracts you and gets closer to nature. You can have hikes, camping, photography and much more at the park. At the park, you will get all the required assistance and it is easy to plan up a healthy and worthy visit here.

Wind Cave National Park

On the number two, we have Wind Cave National park that is located in Black Hills National Forest. This is the best place to witness the above ground and cave landscapes at their best. You will get the amazing plants and natural growth above land. While beneath the soil, there are 140 miles passages ways mapped in caves. The park has the longest cave systems in the country that gives you the real tourism goals. You will definitely love the passages and can have much other important attraction there.

Palisades State Park

On the number three, we have a hot spot for hiking, camping, rock climbing and photography. The Palisades State Park is located on the Southeast corner of South Dakota. It is the perfect park for you having all natural beauty, lake, mountains and wildlife too. You can get any of the campsites to enjoy all natural landscapes there with your group and enjoy the best time there.

Hartford Beach State Park

Northeast of South Dakota has the Hartford Beach State Park that is an impressive section of Warren River. Here you get all the water sports and activities in abundance. It is the best platform for fishing, boating, swimming and other water sports. Moreover, you can enjoy the sandy beaches, hiking, nine-hole golf course and most importantly the Village View Trail. It will give you a closer look at American Indian Mounds and their lives back in time that seems to be informative form the history point of view.

Newton Hills State Park

At the number five, we have a park holding 1000 acres of dense forest and rolling hills. It I enough to give you an opportunity in exploring the woodland environment. One day to have the whole visit is not enough; you definitely need to pick up one campsite out of 100 that are available to you. And here you will have all the opportunity to explore best of forest life including wildlife, natural plants, wildflowers, hills and much more. It is a perfect place to pitch a tent and spend time.