Top 5 National Parks in Arizona

To spend some amazing time with nature and experience the diversity Arizona National parks offers you many venues. To make your tour amazing all you need is to select the best out of them. here is the list of top 5 National Parks in Arizona that are waiting for you.

Grand Canyon National Park

The park is one of the seven wonders of the Natural World and receives a number of tourists every year. It has some of the amazing facts linked to it, the structures of homes and settlements in Canyon and its caves represent the Native American civilization. Most importantly, the 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and almost a mile deep river is the biggest attraction here. You can explore many of the things form natural walks to hiking trails and camping.

Saguaro National Park

To witness the amazing mountain sequence and wonderful giant cactus it is the best place. The park named after the name of giant cactus found here in abundance “Saguaro”. Park actually consists of two districts split by Tucson. One id of Tucson Mountain District and second on of Rincon Mountain District. It is worthy to have a visit on both sections and this will definitely be an amazing tour for you. Park welcomes you to spend some amazing time here with exploration.

Petrified Forest National Park

On the number three on the list, we have a really petrified national park of Arizona that gives you multiple treats. Here you will get world’s largest and most colourful concentrations of wood petrified by time. furthermore, many fossils welcome you here along with a huge verity of plants and wildlife. It seems to be a complete package for you that has all the nature’s beauty and amazing in it. Furthermore, the Painted Desert keeps you frozen there, as you will love the multicoloured sand dunes painted beautifully.

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

It is amazing to witness living near the fire. Although the eruptions from the volcano have changed the lives of people in the area it does have its attraction. It is located in the north of Flagstaff and was developed after the eruptions since 1040. You can dramatically witness here some beautiful signs of life that are not commonly expected in such areas. Here you will get some geological moves, wildflowers of their own kind, animals and trees. Moreover, if you are lucky enough then you might witness an eruption there which is very rare for now.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

On the number five, we have the National Monument located in southern Arizona and share its border with Sonora. The Monument showcases the ultimate wildlife and landscape pieces from Sonoran desert that is attractive enough for many of the activities there. You can enjoy camping, hiking, and soak the beauty of the southwest. It is simply amazing to have a brief but deep look into the structure and environment of a specific place at the monument.